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Thursday 14 7 2005

Added a Screenshots page in the website.

Thursday 14 7 2005

The source code for TI-Edit 0.3.1 has been added.

Wednesday 13 july 2005

Due to an error, the 0.3.1 version of TI-Edit was packaged with Tokens89 instead of This is now solved.

Sunday 10 July 2005

The day has come!

Version 0.3.1

What's new:

  • correction of the famous (^-1) bug
  • print and print preview
  • Right click menu on tabs and editor pane
  • New more friendly "new" button
  • New keyboard shortcuts

Sunday 25 April 2004

The new TI-Edit finally arrived !!

Version 0.3 is available for dowload.

What's new in this version:

  • New smart buttons for the toolbar and overall better appearance
  • New feature : projects
  • True preferences dialog
  • The colors used by the syntax highlighter are not ugly any more, and are customizeable
  • Use of Tokens89 OCX v1.000.0004
  • Bugfix : Tab Name would become 'TabName' when closing the last file, so it was not possible to close the editor
  • Other small bugfixes

Saturday 13 December 2003

The site was offline for a while, so i have moved it and it is available again

At this occasion i have made it available in English, so if you see any errors, please contact me...

Sunday 9 September 2003

version 0.2.1 beta is online

see the readme file for details

Tuesday 19 August 2003

Set up a fix for the version 0.2.0 beta: the installation program would not install the OCX and the font correctly

Friday 15 August 2003

Creation of the site, at the occasion of the version 0.2.0 beta

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